The OptiMum Life Self-Paced Program

The OptiMum Life Self-Paced Program

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Mindset is Everything! And shifting it can make the world of difference in your life. If my 1:1 program isn't for you, and you're a self-motivated person then my self-paced program may suit you best.


When you sign up you'll get invited into the Mother Yourself Portal and you'll receive video recordings and exercises to complete and work through. You'll begin to gain clarity and see how this area has been affecting you throughout many areas of your life. Through conscious awareness, you can change and implement your own strategies to walk in your own OptiMum Life.

Here's a description of the modules.

Parenting Mindset - focuses on being a more conscious parent, really connecting before correcting and gaining clarity on why you get trigger and parenting in the present and not the future.

The Health Mindset - focuses on why you want to get healthier and fitter, motivating you to be more productive. As well as why you you know you should but don't follow through with actually becoming or choosing to be healthier.

The Career Mindset - focuses on how to improve where you are now and/or helping you to determine are you in the right career for you and what you need to be thinking about to figure that out.

The Finance/Wealth Mindset - focuses on how to connect it with your career and create or work toward achieving financial freedom and time freedom to do the things you love.

The Love Life Mindset - focuses on what you desire, what holds you back and how you can walk hand in hand with your partner to have an engaging, passionate and fulfilling relationship.

The Social Life Mindset - focuses on how to ensure you are surrounding yourself with people who will lift you up and how to separate or disconnect from those who pull you down. As well as how you can be the one to help serve and lift others.

The Spiritual Mindset - focuses on improving who you are on a spiritual level and what you believe and how to be firmly grounded.

The Intellectual Mindset - focuses on how you think and how to think and why its vital to making wise decisions.

The Emotion Mindset - focuses on understanding why there is wisdom in our emotions and how we can control them and not have them control you.

Character Mindset - focuses on who you are, your values and morals. How to improve them and grow so you can lead others.

The Quality of Life Mindset - focuses on the 'things' you want to do and have in your life that will have you feel fabulous and like the Queen that you are. It focuses on how to implement them into your life and how you have to engage the career and finance mindsets for powerful change.

If you are feeling like all of these together could make a massive shift and change how you think about every area of your life and therefore change your life. And you are a self-motivated person then the OptiMum Life Self-Paced Program is the best choice for you.