Hey mama!

I’m here to teach you how to
Let go of self-imposed roadblocks to overcome
self-sabotage and
Prioritize   Yourself   
while raising a happy, healthy family.
It's time for real Change.
What's the secret to success? It's your
It's bringing conscious awareness back to the things you love and you're passionate about.

Hi - Welcome. I'm Katrina, tell me - as a mom does this sound familiar?

  • You come home from a long day in the office and feel burnt out and struggle to muster energy to support your kids.
  • Your self-care regimen consists of those extra few minutes you took in the shower as time for yourself.
  • You sacrifice yourself thinking you will make your family happy but it seems all that comes back is ingratitude and in your mind you feel like giving up.
  • You crash into bed at night but the last thing you want is to spend a passionate night with your partner but instead negotiate for “tomorrow night, I promise”.
  • You've heard the cliche, "You can have it all". A great marriage, a great career, a great social life and well-behaved kids. And, you’ve tried and tried – to achieve it all. You're motivated to keep going. But the truth is, at this point you don't even know if you want it because it seems impossible.

I specialize in empowering moms to
"unapologetically" prioritize themselves,
live the dream life they want
by being the best for themselves & their children

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Can you really have it all?

It's really about changing your mindset and having a plan that is right for you.

All things are possible to those who believe in their dreams.

I created the OptiMum Life Program which guides moms through 12 of the most important areas of your life. It guides you through your beliefs, your visions, your "why" in order to create a strategy towards your over all Life Vision or Dream Life. This isn't given to you, but it's created by you - what you chose for your life. Lasting results are the most important aspect of this program.

Everyday, I personally, use this very program to work on my marriage, my business, my circle of friends that help me to soar. By staying consciously aware of my mindset and focusing on my dream life (the vision for my life). I can purposefully create a legacy for them and others to follow to know what is possible for them.

You too, can have this in your life and family! You can be the woman and the mother who "unapologetically" prioritizes herself so you can finally live the dream life that's in your mind and be fulfilled and balanced. My program The OptiMum Life will teach you, how to make take focused action and make habits so that change is possible.

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I reignited my life, my desire, my passion, and my mental well-being. My mission is to help Moms to Overcome Self-Sabotage, Identify their Dream Life, Rediscover Themselves, Learn the Strategies to Reach their Dreams and to Walk in their Ideal Life.