Hey mama!

I’m here to help you to
regain control and peace in your life
so you can
Prioritize   Yourself   
while raising a happy, healthy family.
It's time for real Change.
What's the secret to success? It's your
It's enhancing your awareness of what's triggering
you and shifting your perspective so you
can make a greater impact.

Hi - Welcome. I'm Katrina, from one mom to another - does this sound familiar?

  • You neglect emails or other work, which you know is important because it leads to work that just feels extra (like a time suck that you get stuck in or overwhelmed by).
  • Your self-care regimen consists of those extra few minutes you took in the shower as time for yourself.
  • You know you're doing WAY too much in both in and outside your home, but you have no idea how to change it and it leaves you feeling frustrated and resentful.
  • You crash into bed at night but the last thing you want is to spend a passionate night with your partner but instead negotiate for “tomorrow night, I promise”.
  • You've heard the cliche, "Live Your Best Life". You want that life but it doesn't seem attainable till your kids are grown. The dream is still there but you've resigned yourself to just surviving and getting through the day.

Self -Care is...
Taking the Time to Pour into Yourself

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You deserve to have more joy and live an absolutely phenomenal life.

My Gift to You
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Is this for you?

Have you ever thought...

What's holding me back?

Am I good enough/ deserving enough/ worthy?

I know I should do...

The underlying source of these thoughts is our mindset. The stories that you have carried for years, become embedded into our beliefs and they begin to run our life unconsciously. This is the point where you say don't know why you do what you do.

And this is where I help. Mom entrepreneurs hire me to help them change and better understand their mindset and how they think. Together we'll uncover your limiting beliefs, patterns and blocks which has led you to feel overwhelmed, frustrated and unfulfilled or stuck.

I created the Mother Yourself Program to guide moms just like you, to really look at the most important areas of your life. Guiding you through your beliefs, your visions, your "why", to create a strategy so you can begin to live you Life Vision now - not some time in the future.

The Mother Yourself Program seeks to bring awareness to how you think, to what triggers you and to how you respond so you can consciously bring joy and happiness back into your all areas of your life.

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I live the Mother Yourself lifestyle, do I get it right all the time? No! I'm human and I give myself grace.
This is what I teach my clients.

The Mother Yourself program has given me back my desires, my passions, and my mental well-being. Today my mission is to help moms to regain control and have peace in their life, so they can have more joy and live an absolutely phenomenal life.